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  • How you can create Condo you love.

    It is going to also enable you to decrease transportation expenses since the schools are merely a few distances from Amber Park Condo. Living within this area means that your kids will get in time to school and arrive home.

    The surroundings that encircles the Amber Park Condo makes the area seem luxurious. Its plethora of meals offered by the food outlets and restaurants is also attractive. You won’t ever miss somewhere to hang out with loved ones or your friends. The places that are cool will ensure children from Amber Park enjoy their stay at District 15.

    There are many schools in close proximity of this condominium development site for example Chatsworth International School, Tanjong Katong Girl’s School, CHIJ, Tao Nan School and also Tanjong Katong Primary School.

    Amber Park (Former Amber Park Condo) is a Coming condominium in the Katong vicinity along Amber Road. It is but one of the few new freehold residences in District 15 to some biggish bit of land with a land area of over 210,000 sq ft. There are not many sites of such a size readily available for growth from the popular Amber Road neighborhood.

    Regarding facilities, residents of Amber Park will not skip a destination. There are loads of facilities at the where you are able to go to walk your pet skate, jog, and enjoy the sea breeze. East Coast Park is a excellent place to access in the East.

    The location is a mature and sought-after private residential enclave, famous for its high-rise towers and proximity to the shore. It’s situated a short five mins walk about 300m. Near the locale are a number of shopping malls such as Katong Shopping Centre, 112 Katong, Parkway Parade and Parkway Parade Shopping Centre.

    We are inhabited by spaces As we occupy spaces. Our spaces form the way we spend some time with ourselves, and our relationships, how we interact together. Locate your area for catching up with your loved ones studying a novel, or viewing your precious little baby take his first step.

    For shopaholics living in Amber Park Condo, their pride is guaranteed by the plenty of stores around. You will barely miss somewhere to store Even though the area might have malls like in other places. There are a number of restaurants, cafes, and eateries where the residents of this amber park can supply food.

    With a pack of useful facilities and great convenience nearby, Amber Park is one of the greatest places. You’ll have the ability to enjoy access along with things the region provides, by choosing it’s your next home.

    The dining and living spaces possess an open plan which gives better flexibility and flexibility. A selection of unit types caters to families, couples, and people alike. The cost affordable Amber park pricing

    There is a variety of sporting activities that you are able to enjoy that you can try like cable ski. Chinese Swimming Club, and Katong Swimming Complex is an choice for those that are currently making an effort to stay fit in a manner that is less straining.

    When it comes to learning institutes and centers, residents at the East are spoiled for choice. Take your choice from such Primary schools. Amber park developer project details

    Amber Park is a house that encompasses all you need you need to be. Of the benefits of an East lifestyle are all at your doorstep

    112 Katong Mall located in the region also offers for the needs of the folks living in Amber Park. The fashion mall offers various fashion F&B and lifestyle outlets. Malls that you will find in the Region comprise One KM Mall, City Plaza, Parkway Parade, and Paya Lebar Square.

    Among the things which the inhabitants of Amber Park will appreciate the most is that the proximity to favorite schools. This makes it among the very greatest area to increase your kids once you settle as you won’t need to relocate to other towns looking for quality education for your children.

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stated Ronald

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