Singapore – The Only Place Where You Can Rent An Island

Singapore is a tourist location that is best known for its city attractions. This is a multi-million city that has an incredible offer for every individual. It has many theme parks and restaurants with dishes from around the world. The nightlife of the place is also widely known, and many people visit it just to spend some crazy nights and relax from day-to-day life.

Island view

But many people don’t know that this city has private islands which you can rent. What these islands are and what you can do to them is a subject we will share with you.

Tropical sanctuaries you can rent

In other parts of the world you can rent a villa or a ranch, but in Singapore, you rent islands. In fact, there are five private islands you can rent and enjoy their beauty. Rent price and other formalities will be listed in our offer.

Cempedak Island is a private property containing twenty bamboo villas, and each one of those has two floors and a pool. Renting one villa is possible, but only if there isn’t someone who rented the whole island. This is the case with other islands as well. The island representative will guide you to the island and show you all of its beauties.

islands beaches

Nikoi Island is in the ownership of the same party that owns Cempedak, and that means the price isn’t over the top. Only small portion of this island is used to make fifteen beach houses that are at your disposal. The rest of the place is as natural as it can be and that includes private beaches and a whole jungle to explore. Several small deserted islands are there, and they are free to visit and explore.

Batu Batu or “Rock” Island is a small and rustic private island that is located in Malaysian Island range. This island has four buildings where you and your friends can relax. Add several untouched beaches and a forest, and you get an unforgettable experience.

Telunas Resort is a private island on which you can rent one of over a dozen cabins that rise from the sea. This place is for those that want to rest and not get distracted by technology. This means that there isn’t any electricity or mobile phone signal. The vacation here lets you enjoy the peace without any social distractions.